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Marvel and Epic Games are teaming up once more, but instead of Marvel characters coming to Fortnite, Fortnite is again venturing into comics. The pair announced this week the release of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War, a new mini-series which is scheduled to release at some point in June. As we’ve seen from past comic collaborations, those who pick up the five issues planned for the series will be ab le to score some in-game Fortnite items as well.

The cover for the comic seen in part below with the full version in the linked post shows several familiar characters. Marvel said Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and Shuri are all confirmed to make appearances in the series which centers around a fragment of the Zero Point artifact in the Fortnite lore that’s been launched into the Marvel universe and must now be recovered. As expected, we’ll see plenty of Fortnite characters make their own appearances in the comic.

Marvel writer Christos Gage will be working alongside Donald Mustard, the chief creative officer of Epic Games, on the mini-series with Sergio Davíla announced as the artist. It’ll be penciled by Sergio Davila with the cover by Leinil Francis Yu, according to Marvel’s announcement.

“At its heart, the series is an adventure story, with characters from both universes coming together to go on a treasure hunt into the deepest, darkest depths of the Marvel Universe,” said Marvel Comics editor Alanna Smith on the collaboration. “Donald Mustard and Christos Gage have such a deep love for both Fortnite and Marvel, and Sergio Davíla is turning in some absolutely unreal pages. Having the amazing Leinil Francis Yu on main covers and a killer lineup of Marvel artists on variants has been a real gift as well. This is going to be the ultimate team-up, where the best of both Fortnite and Marvel are represented.”

To get the Fortnite cosmetic mentioned in the announcement, you’ll have to be a Marvel Unlimited subscriber and will have to read through all five issues as they’re released. Those issues will be available through the subscription service once the final print issue is out. Alternatively, you can simply purchase the first printings of the book when it hits shelves in physical locations to get the cosmetic items for free. We don’t yet know what those cosmetics look like, but they’ll be available in the Item Shop at some point as well for those who just want to buy them that way.

Prior to this comic’s announcement, Marvel and Epic Games teamed up previously with the release of Fortnite x Marvel – Nexus War: Thor. DC Comics has also worked with Epic Games with the release of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, a series darker than many Fortnite players probably expected and one that perfectly set up a sequel.


It’s the 30th anniversary of the breakout character from the seminal Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn. To celebrate the Harley Quinn 30th anniversary, DC Comics has announced announced a whole host of activities taking place in two weeks at NYCC. Moreover, the publisher announced writer Tini Howard and artist Sweeney Boo as the new creative team for the ongoing Harley Quinn title starting with issue #28 this March.

All month DC is celebrating thirty years of the Clown Princess of Crime, the one and only Harley Quinn! The fan-favorite Super-Villain made her debut in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, and has been back-flipping into fan’s hearts since, from animation, to comics, movies, and an upcoming audio-series–and will be popping up at this year’s New York Comic-Con.

On Friday, October 7th, from 9:00am ET to 3:00pm ET, DC will be celebrating Harley Quinn’s 30th outside the Javits Center in New York City, for New York Comic Con attendees and Harley Quinn fans to get free Harley Quinn comics, swag, and breakfast, as well as cupcakes to celebrate. Follow @DCComics on twitter and instagram to find out more, and don’t miss DC at NYCC!

DC is also excited to announce a new creative team on the Harley Quinn comics, continuing off of the current run. On sale March 28, 2023, Harley Quinn #28 will be written by Tini Howard, writer on Catwoman (where Harley Quinn actually made a guest appearance) and the upcoming Punchline series, with art by Sweeney Boo, who’s also no stranger to the wilder denizens of Gotham City, having recently drawn the Punchline backups in DC’s The Joker, as well as art for Batman: Urban Legends. Don’t miss the continuing adventures of the one and only Harley Quinn, with more gags, cameos, and Ivy than ever!

Fans can pick up Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special currently on sale and featuring a who’s who of Harley creators, including writers Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stephanie Phillips, Stjepan Šejić, Sam Humphries, Kami Garcia, Rob Williams, Mindy Lee, Terry Dodson, Cecil Castellucci, Rafael Scavone, and Paul Dini, who famously co-created the character along with Bruce Timm for Batman: The Animated Series. Artists bringing the stories to life include Chad Hardin, Guillem March, Riley Rossmo, Šejić, Erica Henderson, Jason Badower, Mico Suayan, John Timms, Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Dan Hipp, and Rafael Albuquerque.

There is also an incredible array of Harley Quinn apparel, collectibles and more, including DC Shop which has curated shirts, shoes and even classic animation cels showing off thirty years of Harley Quinn.

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